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    Welcome to Flemish Academy of Martial Artsb

    Welcome to our web-site Since 2000,The Flemish Academy of Martial Arts (vzw FAMA) has been providing instruction in Martial Arts and Self Defence in Leuven. We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area.

    This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our style of martial arts, our staff and provides you with information on how to contact us.

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    Affiliated schools

    Luik : Thierry Lambert - thierrykali@hotmail.com

    Luik : Jerry Tshiabuila - jonathantshiabuila@msn.com

    Latest News

    1 September 2012

    From September 2012 we have a new training location, the gymnasium of the secondary school "Heilig Hartinstituut" at Heverlee. For more details on the location go to the "Contacts" menu.

    1 October 2012

    From 1 October this will be our new training schedule:

    19h - 20h30: Thai box (condition class)
    20h30 - 21h45: Sparring Thai box (or MMA)

    19u - 20u30 Kali Escrima
    20u30 - 22u Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

    18u-19u Maki / Thai box (Techniques)
    19u - 20u30 Thai box (Sparring)
    20u00 - 22u Self Defence

  • About US

    Who WE are

    Flemish Academy of Martial Arts since 1998
    After almost 15 years of training at Wilsele, our training location has changed.

    From September 2012 we will train in our new location at Heverlee.

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    Why practicing martial arts?

    1. Fitness.
    Martial arts training is very powerful. Beginners will work slowly at the start, when they proceed the training they will get stronger and more powerful. During our training we pay attention to power training, making your muscles stronger and more flexible.

    2. Self defense.
    Many people start martial arts for self defence purposes. This is an important additional aspect of our classes, however our training is not only focused on self-defense. When you progress in your training you will manage to apply self defense techniques effectively. Many techniques can used for defense.

    3. Coördination and balance.
    Martial arts require much coördination and balance of your body. If you do not have good coördination or balance, you are going to make significant progress during your training.

    4. Confidence.
    It is certain that your confidence and self esteem will improve during your training. Many students, especially women, feel that they perform much better in groups and at work since they started our classes.

    5. Healing.
    Martial arts is often a mean to improve your health. People who are attacked or abused, often find martial arts as an important source of mental healing.

    6. Sports.
    Martial arts as a sport is beautiful and challenging at the same time. There is an infinite amount of knowledge to acquire. Many people love martial arts because of her physical beauty.

    7. Interest.
    Some members show interest in the mystical culture of the Far East. They seek the knowledge, history and origin of the sport. Each sport has its own history.

    8. Social contact.
    Besides the regular classes we participate in activities outside the martial arts field, to strengthen the group atmosphere.

    9. For Fun!

  • OUR team

    club stuff

    Joffrey Hion

    President & Founder of Flemish Academy of Martial Arts.
    Instructor in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Ron Balicki 1998.
    Instructor in Kali Escrima under Guro Ron Balicki 1998.
    Instructor in Maphilindo Silat under Guro Ron Balicki 2000.
    Belgian Representative for Martial Arts Research Systems under Guro Ron Balicki.
    Belgian Representative in Combat Submission Wrestling under Sensei Erik Paulson.
    Belgian Representative in Muay Thai under Master Chai Sirisute 2004.
    Belgian Representative in Shoot Wrestling under Sensei Yorinaga Nakamura.
    Muay Thai 1993 – 1997 Assistant Tienen.
    Self Defence Tienen / Leuven 1993 - 1997.
    Instructor Reality Based Self Defence.
    Instructor ISDS Leuven / Tienen 1996.
    Instructor in Shoot Wrestling under Sensei Yorinaga Nakamura 1999.
    Free Fight Referee at Ulimate S hock 2005.

    Roel Veys

    2007 - 2008 Jeet Kune Do - Defcross Flavio Riuz Van Hoof.
    2007 - 2008 Kali - Silhat - Defcross Flavio Riuz Van Hoof.
    2008 - ... Thai boxing - Defcross Joffrey Hion, Tim Iliaens & Kim Myny.
    2008 - ... Mixfight(mma & submission grappling) - Defcross Joffrey Hion, Jerry Tshiabuila & Macin Boushah.
    2009 - ... boxing - Defcross Kim Myny.
    2005 - ... Powertraining & bodybuilding - Sportstarget Nicolas Vits.
    2007 - ... Functional training - eigen studie + stage functionaltraining.be.
    2006 - ... Sportvoeding & supplementen - studies zoals Intermoleculaire Wetenschappen, allerlei boeken (Ross Enamait, Martin Rooney,...).

    Tim Iliaens

    Black Belt Muay Thai Instructor

    Tim Roessems

    Jun Fan JKD
    Kali Escrima Silat

    Wouter Andries

    Treasurer of Flemish Academy of Martial Arts Jun Fan JKD
    Kali Escrima Silat
    Self Defence - JU JUTSU

    Kim Vandeneede

    Secretary of Flemish Academy of Martial Arts
    email: kim@fama-vechtsporten.be

    Wim Van Cauteren

    Thai - MMA

    Anthony De Becker

    Maki - Thai - MMA

  • OUR services

    Martial Art Styles


    Maki or Mixed Martial Arts for Kids is a comprehensive range of skills coming from different martial arts.

    Not only styles like karate, judo and wrestling (to name a few) but also for example Kali and Jeet Kune Do, are being taught.
    The techniques and principles of the Maki system are simplified to make them simply and effectively for children.

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    MMA Grappling includes all styles and systems both standing and on the ground fighting.

    These styles can be classified into two major groups, the first group we use fist and kicking techniques who are allowed in competition. In the 2nd group the striking game is prohibited.
    For the first group we rely on, CSW, Vale-Tudo, Shoot Wrestling and other free-fight sports.
    If we work with fists, knees and feet, the Muay Thai clinching becomes very important.

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    Kali Escrima

    The word Kali comes from Kamot Lihok which literally means "exercise". The most famous aspect is the stick fighting, this can range from a pocket stick (+/- 15 cm) to a long stick of 1m80.

    The most commonly used stick length is 70 cm, the same length as the telescopic police baton, which can be used single or double. Beside stick fighting in Kali we also use training knives, both offensively and defensively. Empty handed we rely on the Philipino Boxing or Panantukan

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    Jun Fan JKD

    The Jun Fan Gung Fu is a fixed style, we follow a program as Bruce Lee once taught. When talking about Jeet Kune Do or JKD we leave the solid form and we rely solely on principles.
    However, there is no complete system, so it necessary to learn other martial art styles.

    The TAO of Sifu Bruce Lee was:
    · The truth in combat is different for each individual
    · Research your own experience
    · Absorb what is useful
    · Reject what is useless
    · Add your own what is Especially

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    Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is an ancient martial art from Thailand or the former Siam. This Siamese martial art was part of the military training, where it was largely used to kill the opponent.

    The traditional Thai Boxing bas already killed many people. Formerly during competition in the ring, everything WAS allowed without any protection. Muy Thai is making use of elbows, knees, kicks and punches.
    The rules changed after World War II, from then gloves were used during competition and weight classes were introduced.

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    Event at FAMA

    Event at FAMA

    Event at FAMA

    Event at FAMA

    Event at FAMA

    Event at FAMA

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    muay thai

  • club schedule


      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    Maki / Thai

    Thai / MMA
    Jun Fan
    Coming Up


    training groupes

    Jun Fan JKD

    On Tuesday two classes of Jeet Kune Do will take place, a basic skills and a more advanced Jeet Kune Do training.

    Thai / MMA

    On Friday the Thai and MMA class will be give separately at the same time.

  • CONTAct us

    our Location


    Telephone: -
    E-mail: Joffrey@fama-vechtsporten.be

    Training Location

    Hertogstraat 178
    3001 Heverlee
    E-mail: Joffrey@fama-vechtsporten.be

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  • MORE

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    Our new location has more space and is better located.

    All our trainers will keep the same training style's and schema's.
    Come and visit us at Hertogstraat 178, 3001 Heverlee.


    Maki or Mixed Martial Arts for Kids is a comprehensive range of skills coming from different martial arts.

    Mainly on the basis of playful drills and exercises reflexes are built so that the necessary time can intervene without any hesitation or thinking about what technique is necessary.
    All skills are limited to this age group, which means that dangerous techniques are reduced to the teaching of the movement but without effective technique to perform.
    We know that some games that children play bring timing and rhythm without getting hurt. Use is made of customized training materials such as sticks made of a very soft and elastic fabric, soft kicking & punching pads, ...
    Maki is especially designed mixing both recreation and reality, with the aim of avoiding any confrontations. Both verbal / non-verbal communication and effective defense reflexes are discussed. The social contact of martial arts entail is not inconsiderable. There are exercises both group and individually to be practiced, there is no "team obligation". Because of this diversity Maki is a multi-cultural defense system for younger and older children. The mystic of the training (think counting in other languages, greetings, respect, habits) ensures that children are fascinated and interested.


    MMA includes all styles and systems both standing and on the ground fighting.

    From clinching we apply throwes and sweeps to get our opponent to the ground. In most cases we end up on the ground ourselves, but for 'grapplers' that's no problem. grapplers have lots of submissions'.
    From the ground grpplers can force you into submission using strangulation or by using joint locks. This can vary from: leg, arm, neck, wrist, ankle. In professional competitions boxing is also allowed on the ground. By using techniques both standing and on the ground one feels at home in any combat situation.

    Kali Escrima

    The word Kali comes from Kamot Lihok which literally means "exercise".

    The Filipino Panantukan boxing is not missing in our trainings. Here are not only talking about boxing techniques but also about elbow and knee techniques. The Philippino wrestling or Dumog is completely different from the western ground fighting. In this martial art style all kinds of attacks are used.
    However Kali is not competitive, but very effective. We keep our training as traditional as possible. As the technique is being taught in the Philippines, first we learn to work with sticks (single ordouble), making both left hand and right hand better coördinated and precise.
    Once we know the concepts of the stick we proceed to the defense knife attacks, later in the process we go to Panantukan. This effective workout is smooth with lots of variety. In a short time you will learn attack, defense and agility with hand weapons.
    Kali has a very long tradition, it has many different styles, everyone will find what he seeks in the system in the field of defense. It is a perfect system that encompasses all situations with weapons. Remember no weapon is dangerous, it is only the person who uses the weapon that could be dangerous!

    Jeet Kune Do

    The Jun Fan Gung Fu is a fixed style, we follow a program as Bruce Lee once taught.

    JKD today is still evolving and looking for other fighting styles.
    During the first three months you get acquainted with the different fighting distances. The three stages during your training are:
    · JKD kickboxing: includes all kinds of boxing and kicking techniques.
    · JKD trapping: involves immobilizing hands, accompanied by attacks to the head and body.
    · JKD grappling: includes turning throws, sweeps and joint locks, both standing and on the ground.

    Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is an ancient martial art from Thailand or the former Siam.

    Burmese Bando is the only similar martial art beside Thai boxing. Bando is much less popular than the famous Muay Thai. Muay Thai became famous around the globe after World War II due to the competitive aspect.
    The courses are for both men and women, beginners or experts. Everyone will quickly become strong physically, both in terms of endurance and strength building. It is not a complex martial arts and it is easy to learn. Our main focus is recreational Thai boxing. For those who are in interested, we also train Muay Thai for competition. The courses are aimed at people who wish to progress physically and yet acquire knowledge of Martial Arts.